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It has come to my attention that is going out of business pretty soon and I will lose hosting on the 6th of January 2006. I will be looking for a new host to show Don't Be Dumb on. Hopefully I will have something arranged by the time the 6th of January rolls around and I will be making the announcement before then where you can find Don't Be Dumb.



Wednesday , 20th July 2005


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20th July 2005: Happy 2nd year of Don't Be Dumb! Nothing fancy for now. Next year! I pwomise. Also the comic is what it explains. I recieved the privilage to operate a Class C motor vehicle from the government of the United States of America. :D Why just get it when I am just 23? Simple! Hong Kong has a mass transit so evolved that actually owning a motor vehicle is actually a disadvantage considering lack of parking in various areas. Getting a drivers license IS 10 times more costly than it is here in the states. Even taking the test costs a lot of money. So hurrah there's one more motorist on the roads of America sort of until I can find a car. :)

13th July 2005: Bah. Being unemployed sucks. That's the reason why I haven't been updating as regularly as before. I've got a pretty good lead on a particular job but I dunno. May or may not. Hopefully I will get it. This webcomic has been a pretty good diversion from doing stuff and since I had no stuff to do I lost interest in this webcomic. So I'm really excited about this job. I was the first to apply, first to interview, first to send a thank you letter, the interviewer recognized my name without me explaining that he interviewed me at such and such a date. And I read that often times employers get so much resumes they look at the first few ones that they like and discard the ones that got in late so I have the advantage. I'm still chatting with him and hopefully he'll feel comfortable enough around me to give me the job. Pray for me!

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